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We aim to enable brands and creators to understand thought leadership content formats and successfully publish timeless, thought-provoking content.

Topics we are currently interested in -

  • Data Storytelling and Journalism
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Writing branded books or non-fiction books
  • Thought Leadership writing via narrative or opinion pieces
  • Becoming a better casual or professional writer
  • Freelancing - especially as a writer, editor, content marketer
  • Insights on the brand publishing industry
  • Content operations and automation
  • Content Management Systems
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Share your pitch that helps us understand the topic you want to cover, your past writing samples, or your portfolio.

Please note - you are not required to make a payment for guest posting, but we do not pay either. 



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Pitching Instructions

If you have more doubts - contact us by messaging us on our socials - Instagram or Twitter

Why should I guest blog on Epilogue?

We provide below benefits:

1. You get a byline with a description

2. You get a backlink to your website

3. We’ll set you up with an author page with links to your Twitter and website

4. Your article will be distributed to 1000+ subscribers in the space of publishing, content marketing, and writing.

5. We will promote your published piece on our social media

Who is the target audience for Epilogue?

Your posts should appeal to the publishing community, which includes avid readers, casual and professional writers, freelance content writers, content marketers, authors, publishers, data analysts, journalists, researchers, content agencies, podcasters, and other creatives.

Why should people read Epilogue?

We publish long-form of content that extracts insights from experienced professionals to educate and inspire our target audience. They read us because they want to separate themselves from mediocrity using thought leadership. They are people with opinions and want to know how to shape them for their brand.

What content formats does Epilogue publish?

We publish long-form content across thought leadership, guides, data-driven blogs, whitepapers, and tutorials.

How much time do you take to respond?

We respond within 2 weeks of receiving your pitch. If you do not receive any response, then we probably have not liked the pitch and would not be proceeding with further discussion.

Do you pay for the guest blog?

No, we do not pay for guest blogs or you do not have to pay us for the same. We provide an author byline and a backlink to your website. We also provide complete editorial support in ensuring you present the best article as per our content guidelines.

Final Note: before you submit your pitch

Take note of the following content guidelines in your pitch:

  • Use images that you have the right to use and include captions and alt text.
  • Please share original writing - do not share blogs that are published somewhere else, plagiarise content or use AI writing tools.
  • Ensure proper formatting to include proper headings, bullets, and quotes.
  • Aim for clarity and conciseness in your writing submissions.